Let Them Eat Cake

I really enjoyed this month's challenge. Cake is just so fun & I love lemon & raspberry. A perfect ushering in of spring. The only modification I made was with the raspberry filling. I did not use a jam, but made my own raspberry sauce that was a little juicier than a jam would have been. I like the filling to be absorbed by the cake & if worked out well. The only problem I ran into was running out of the buttercream icing to fully frost the exterior. I tried to be frugal on the use of the buttercream in between the layers, but it was difficult since my raspberry filling was juicy. It still turned out very well & was quite delicious. Thanks for a great recipe!

The cake ingredients

Creaming the sugar & lemon rind.


Cooling briefly in the pans...

Cooling time.

My raspberry sauce.

The beginning of the buttercream.

Keep whipping...

And whipping...

And it's done.

Mmmm...raspberries. The beginning of the assembly.

That looks good enough to eat by itself.


After layer...

After layer...

After layer...

After layer...

After gooey layer.

Final layer before final icing.

Running out of icing...so sad.

Not too shabby, but definitely could have used more icing.

Success! And so tasty!


French Bread Photos

I thought I better get these photos up before I attempt this month's challenge tonight. I finally downloaded the pictures onto my computer.

First...the ingredients.

A little bit of mixing...and kneading...

Let it rise...

Shape it.

Bake it.

Bake it some more.

Let it rest.