The Beginning of New Things

My family decided to begin its own cooking club. This month we were just given the ingredient of pineapple. We could choose anything we wanted to make. I decided to try Pineapple Ginger Rice. Here's how it turned out:

First...the ingredients.

You rinse the rice & then cook it. The pictures of cooking rice where not very entralling, so you can use your imagination.

The cutting of the pineapple.



The rice cools & then is refrigerated overnight.

The ginger, scallions & salt are sauted until fragrant.

Then you add the rice.

After 15 minutes or so you remove from heat & add the pineapple, the green part of the scallions & a little sesame oil.

Then it was plated & served. Everyone enjoyed it immensely. It is a fantastic summer dish & really easy to make.